Features & benefits


ROPS certified

Controlled noise level

EPA compliant

Designed as per OSHA, ASME, ANSI, ISO, SAE

Maximum speed limiter

Automatic brakes when the vehicle is not moving

Visibility 360°

Side mirrors

Automatic tire inflation system

Front and rear ladder with 3 points contact all the time

Grab handles at all entry point

3 points safety belt at all seats

Flat tire safety kit

Stretcher fit

User Interface

Ease of Operation

Intuitive proportional joystick drive

Intuitive dash display

Automatic drive modes

Automatic transmission

Ability to drive from the left or the right side


Biggest cab space in the market

Ergonomic seating at all positions

Heater defroster



All terrains

All seasons

Ability to transport up to 16 persons

Ultra low ground pressure

Fuel autonomy

Terrain mode


Tier 4 final/Stage V engine (no DPF)

Danfoss transmission

Maintenance free drivetrain