March 29, 2019

The Fat Truck is an amphibious, off-road jobsite transporter that seats up to 8

Owner Zeal Motor out of Bromont, Quebec, Canada, calls the Fat Truck “an industrial off-road utility vehicle specifically designed for the transportation of personnel and materials in difficult terrain.”

“It’s totally amphibious, it goes up a 35-degree hill and it travels 25 miles per hour,” says Amine Khimjee, Zeal Motor vice president sales and marketing. (For more specs, see the chart below.)

The joystick-steered unit currently comes in three versions: an 8-person crew cab, a pickup with a small dump bed, and a pickup with a box bed. The automatic tire inflation system responds to operator inputs. For instance, when an operator is in mud, he can press a button on the joystick and the tires will deflate to offer maximum traction. If the machine is traveling in water, the operator can press another button and the tires will inflate to maximum. Either person sitting in the two front seats can operate the vehicle since the joystick is positioned between them.