September 14, 2020

EQUIPMENT JOURNAL: The Fat Truck is built for the unreachable jobsite

When Zeal Motors was created in 2018, its founders set out to solve the problem of moving people and materials to hard-to-reach jobsites. 

The Quebec-based company’s solution is the Fat Truck, an industrial off-road amphibious vehicle that’s capable of tackling the toughest terrain.  Last year, Zeal introduced the first model of the vehicle, the Fat Truck 2.8 C. 

The vehicle is designed for industries with remote or hard to reach locations, like pipelines, utilities, wind farms and mining, as well as search and rescue. 

“Up until today, there was no easy solution for transporting people on jobsites,” said Amine Khimjee, one of Zeal Motors’ three founders. “People use pickup trucks, side-by-sides and even school buses, but when it gets messy, there no way to transport people. It’s impossible.