August 24, 2020

CONSTRUCTION JUNKIE: Fat Truck is the Amphibious, All Terrain Vehicle That You Probably Don't Need but Will Definitely want

There are some pretty cool ways to get to remote and difficult to navigate jobsites, like helicopters and this blimp-like aircraft, but I’ve never seen something quite as relatively affordable and attainable as the Fat Truck. 

The Fat Truck 2.8 C, created by Zeal Motor Inc., is a four wheeled all-terrain off road vehicle that can not only haul materials and 8 total passengers to a remote job site, but can also float on water. The vehicle is designed for transporting work crews to difficult to navigate sites, where a bus would have trouble driving to and where a helicopter might be too expensive.

Specializing in power line, pipeline, telecommunications, wind farm, and first responder rescue missions, the Fat Truck is not only useful, but something people that aren’t even in their target audience can appreciate and enjoy.

The vehicle weighs a hefty 6,000, can haul 2,200 pounds of material or people inside, and can reach a top speed of 20mph. It’s controlled by a one-handed joystick and has a built-in compressor in order to inflate or deflate the tires, which are 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, based on the needs of the terrain.