July 15, 2022


I just wanted to thank you and let you know how impressed we were with the Fat Truck. While the videos and photos are quite impressive, they do not truly show how amazing that machine really is. We were quite surprised by how easily it pulled 1000l of fuel in the amphibious trailer. With the return trip loaded up with core samples across frozen bodies of water. The trails that were extremely steep and icy were no problem and the most notable feature was the ability to traverse these challenging areas safely and comfortably.

Several of the sites we work in have challenging terrain that cannot be accessed by even the industrial-grade, track and wheeled ATVs/UTVs/XTVs. From what I experienced; the Fat Truck showcased its utility capabilities easily providing access to allow the drilling crews the required materials for work to take place. The Fat Truck is a game-changer for our company.

We called on the Fat Truck after months of disappointment with using the Fat Trucks competitor the Sherp. When our third Sherp broke down, we needed something to helped complete the work before the spring melt. The Fat Truck proved to be reliable, robust, safe, easy to operate and a workhorse. The Fat Truck solved the problem, and we were able to meet our critical timelines.


Winston Whymark

Operations Manager