March 29, 2019

Canadian-built ?Fat Truck? will take you anywhere

BROMONT, Québec – For most of us, big wheels are for vintage toy tricycles and giant wheels for monster trucks or forestry machines. Zeal Motor Inc. believes otherwise.

The one-year old start-up, with headquarters carved out of the former Hyundai plant in Bromont, at the heart of Québec’s Eastern Townships, had its official corporate launch in January 2019. At that time, it also unveiled the first in a series of industrial utility vehicles with extreme off-road capabilities that it aims to produce in coming years.

Simply put, ‘Fat Truck’, as it is called, is a slick, elongated box made of aero-grade aluminium, with a stout tube chassis and exoskeleton, mounted on gigantic wheels supporting ultra low-pressure tires with stout paddles.