3 avril 2020

UTILITY FLEET PROFESSIONAL : Premier Truck importe un VTT industriel aux USA



«Premier Truck Rental, Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, will be among the first firms to bring the Fat Truck to the U.S. The Fat Truck is designed and assembled in Canada to move up to eight people or 2,200 pounds of payload across terrain that in the past might have required helicopter transport or been totally inaccessible - including on wet and flodded lands. 

Premier Truck Rental has been serving multiple industries across the U.S., including those in the construction, electrical, oil and gas, and wind and solar sectors.

The Fat Truck is designed with safety foremost in mind. It is certified to the highest rollover protection structure standards, is compliant with Environmenal Protection Agency guidlines and offers 360-degree visibility to the driver, among other sagety features. 

In addition to safety, the vehicle has buit-in user interfaces designed to be easy to use. It has an intuitive jostick drive and dash display, automatic transmission, and can be driven on the left or right side of the vehicle depending on customer requirements.»

Source: Utility Fleet Professional Magazine