20 août 2020

HEAVY EQUIPMENT GUIDE: Le Fat Truck utilise un moteur CAT pour surmonter tous types de terrains

''Pickup trucks are great for carrying people and gear to locations far off the beaten path, but even they have limitations. When conditions get muddy, swampy and unpleasant most pickups hit the end of the line. Plus, they just don't float very well.

That end of the line is where the Fat Truck takes over. Quebec manufacturer Zeal Motor has designed the low-ground-pressure, amphibious machine to tackle virtually any kind of terrain, from rock to snow to swamp. And yes, it floats.

The Fat Truck 2.8C, powered by Caterpillar's C2.2 diesel engine generating 67 horsepower, carries up to eight people and a wide range of gear, and has been garnering attention from a range of industries. Zeal Motors co-founder Amine Khimjee said during a recent live demo that the Cat power is essential for propelling the Fat Truck across challenging terrain.''