29 novembre 2019

Fat Truck fait partie du top!

Fat Truck fait partie de la meilleure sélection du: Heavy Equipment Guide 2019 Top Introductions!

«Zeal Motors Fat Truck

Heavy Equipment Guide's picks for the most exciting new entries into the market

King of the swamp, master of mud, hill-climbing hero, the Zeal Motors Fat Truck is the first in a series of industrial off-road utility vehicles that transport personnel and materials in difficult terrains. The Fat Truck can transport up to eight people and is ROPS-certified, amphibious, has ultra-low ground pressure and offers 360 degrees of visibility. It is powered by a CAT Tier 4 engine and has an automatic Danfoss transmission. The Fat Truck has intuitive proportional joystick drive and can be driven from either the left or right side.»

Source : Kaitlyn Till, Heavy Equipment Guide