1 février 2020

ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL : Le Fat Truck qui va partout


«Premier Truck Rental (PTR), in Fort Wayne, Indiana, reported it will rent the Fat Truck, which is designed to move up to eight people, or 2,200 pounds, across otherwise inaccessible terrain, to include wet or flooded land. The truck is capable of transporting people and gear into hard-to-reach locations regardless of weather and road conditions, the company reported. An optional trailer, also amphibious, is available.

Among other features, the Fat Truck is certified to the highest Rollover Protection Structure standards, is compliant with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, and offers 360° visibility to the driver, PTR reported. It has an intuitive joystick drive and dash display, automatic transmission, and the ability to be driven on the left or right side of the vehicle.»